Blue Vervain Stiff Muscle Salve
Blue Vervain Stiff Muscle Salve

Blue Vervain Stiff Muscle Salve

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Blue vervain (Verbena hastata), is traditionally used to help relax tension, especially in the neck and shoulders.

The flowers, leaves and stems of this beautiful wild plant were carefully gathered in a warm sunny meadow and infused in rich olive oil to extract their properties. The result is a strong, deep-green salve perfect for massaging into stiff, tight muscles.

This salve is the perfect thing to have with you at the end of a long day of physical labor, or beside you at your desk - especially if you work long hours or tend to tense up when using the computer.


Contains blue vervain, olive oil, beeswax

Available in 1 oz or 2 oz tins



Disclaimer: while I do know my way around plants, I am not a medical doctor. The statements I make about my products are based on herbal knowledge and my personal experience, but I do not claim that they are verified by the FDA. Always exercise caution when using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding.