Honey Pumpkin Everything Cream
Honey Pumpkin Everything Cream

Honey Pumpkin Everything Cream

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When I was formulating and testing this cream, I noticed I was bringing little jars of it everywhere; I used it on my face as a deeply moisturizing night cream and on my hands to combat dry skin after working in the garden.

It was just perfect for everything, and I couldn't get enough of the subtly gorgeous honey-pumpkin scent. And so Honey Pumpkin Everything Cream was born!

Made with real pumpkin, honey and chamomile, it's like food for the skin, nourishing it with antioxidants, locking in moisture, and leaving it extra-silky.

Because this cream is so simple and so gentle, it's wonderful even for people with sensitive skin.

Contains: sunflower oil, chamomile hydrosol, coconut oil, aloe vera, beeswax, pumpkin, honey, vitamin E, geogard ECT (natural preservative).

2 oz or 4 oz glass jar.