Lavender Oat Scrub
Lavender Oat Scrub

Lavender Oat Scrub

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My Herbal Oat Scrubs are formulated to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and soothe the skin using only natural, pure ingredients. 

Oats and kaolin clay work to unclog pores and nourish the skin, while finely ground coffee helps to gently slough off dead skin cells and provide an antioxidant boost. Lavender adds a lovely relaxing scent and helps to calm the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

To use, scoop out a small amount of scrub and add a few drops of water until you reach the desired consistency. Apply to wet skin and rub in circles to cleanse and gently exfoliate. Rinse off or remove with a damp cloth.

Contains: organic lavender buds, organic coffee, organic oats, white kaolin clay 

Comes in a 2 or 4 oz glass jar with compostable mini scoop.

*If you want to get really luxurious and add a moisturizing boost, try substituting honey or a nourishing oil (I like sweet almond or apricot) for the water when mixing your scrub.









Disclaimer: while I do know my way around plants, I am not a medical doctor. The statements I make about my products are based on herbal knowledge and my personal experience, but I do not claim that they are verified by the FDA. Always exercise caution when using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Because my products are made with fresh or dried plants and only natural ingredients, try to use within 6 months. If you notice any changes in scent or texture, discontinue use.