My dream for this shop is simple: I want to create and share beautiful, nourishing, simple herbal products that make people happy. 

I started making things for myself, my family, and my friends years ago. I wanted only natural, wholesome, recognizable ingredients that I felt really good about putting on my skin.

As an herbalist, my knowledge of the plants informs what I make; a soothing jewelweed salve for summer ills, a luxurious face cream infused with wild rose, and lip balms that contain only the purest ingredients. 

Many of my ingredients are ethically and responsibly harvested in the wild, at the peak of the plant's energy and with profound gratitude. All of my products are made by hand in very small batches, and my inventory changes with the seasons based on what is growing outside. 

I hope some of the wildness, magic and blessing that lives in the green world shows in the all the things I make, and that it will be passed along to you.

Green blessings,