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Invasive plants present a challenge when it comes to maintaining the health of our local ecosystems – they can out-complete the plants our pollinators depend on for food and habitat and lead to an overall decline in biodiversity.

The good news is that many of these invasive plants are edible and have been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years.

In this presentation you’ll learn how to identify some of our most common invasive plants, how to safely harvest them, and how they have traditionally been used.

If time and weather allow, we’ll take a short walk to meet some of the plants in person and practice our ID skills

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Bioregional Herbalism: Plant Remedies Workshop + Walk

Join me on June 23rd at the Rock Lodge Wellness Weekend to learn about bioregional herbalism! 

Bioregional herbalism is the practice of working with local, abundant, and “weedy” plants like dandelion, violet, nettle, and many more to support our health. It allows us to reconnect with our environment and work with the plants in a truly sustainable way.

In this workshop we'll talk about some of the simple remedies you can make with the plants that grow right outside your door, followed by a plant walk where we'll meet some of our wonderful plant allies and discuss how to identify, harvest, and work with them.

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