Ancient Pines Evergreen Salve
Ancient Pines Evergreen Salve

Ancient Pines Evergreen Salve

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Made from wildcrafted conifers, this salve carries the rich scent and magic of an evergreen forest. Pines, firs, cedars and spruces offer beautiful medicine, and they are among my favorite plants to work with.

Just gathering the needles and being in a grove of these beautiful trees feels like a healing experience to me.

Herbalists have traditionally worked with the resin and vitamin C-rich needles of evergreen trees as a warming, antimicrobial remedy. When used topically, they discourage infection and support wound healing.

This evergreen-infused salve is perfect for soothing dry, cracked skin, easing sore muscles, and applying to small cuts and scratches.

Contains: white pine, eastern red cedar, norway spruce, fraser fir, apricot oil, olive oil, beeswax

Currently available in 1oz and 2oz screw top tins




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