Ancient Pines Winter Salve

Ancient Pines Winter Salve

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Made from wildcrafted conifers, this salve carries the scent and magic of the winter forest.

Warming and moisturizing, it's perfect for soothing dry, cracked skin and lips. It can also helps to mend small cuts and scratches and ease sore muscles and minor aches and pains. It's very nice as a subtle solid perfume, too. 

Contains white pine, eastern hemlock, norway spruce, fraser fir, olive oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax

Currently available in 1 oz tins

Because my products are made with fresh or dried plants and only natural ingredients, try to use within 6 months. If you notice any changes in scent or texture, discontinue use.



Disclaimer: while I do know my way around plants, I am not a medical doctor. The statements I make about my products are based on herbal knowledge and my personal experience, but I do not claim that they are verified by the FDA. Always exercise caution when using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding.