First Light Serum

First Light Serum

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The word I held in my mind when formulating this botanical face oil was: glow. I wanted it to glow in the bottle like a sunrise, and I wanted it to make the skin glow with health and vibrancy. Holding the first finished bottles in my hand, the name came to me: First Light.

My hope for this rich amber oil is that it will become a part of your daily ritual. A pause, in the light of morning, where you anoint yourself with nourishing herbs and let them sink into your (already beautiful) skin.  

The herbs and plant oils in this potent blend work together to balance the complexion, protect against damage, calm inflammation, and promote cellular repair for vibrant, healthy skin.

It has a very light, earthy, citrusy herbal scent that's calming and uplifting all at once. (But don't worry - it dissipates quickly.)

Contains: sunflower oil, watermelon seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, calendula flowers, nettle leaf, ladies mantel leaf, rose petals, essential oils of bergamot and clary sage

Comes in a 2oz frosted glass dropper bottle.